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Wake Up America
Posted Oct 22nd, 2008

1. Do you like high gas prices?
2. Do you like falling home prices?
3. Do you like the economy in the tank?

Yes, you have heard all these problems and more blamed on President Bush. Well, he will be out of office in a few months, and you know, he couldn’t have done it all alone.

If American voters don’t think and vote with a brain, we’ll only see it get worse.

There are good Republicans and good Democrats, but the facts are that the Democrats in charge are real losers.

Here’s the facts: the Democrats are against drilling for oil, nuclear power, and you name it, because they don’t want to upset the environmentalists.

We elected these men and women, so if you want change, vote them out.

You see, Congress leaders are those with seniority. Rep. Conyers, who is from Detroit, has been in Congress for 40 years. Think: Democrats have run Detroit for more than 40 years. Get the point, folks! Do you like the shaft the politicians are giving you?

They spend millions of dollars to collect a $170,000 job. We should only pay them $100 per year–that’s all they are worth.

Some points for all of you who worry about global warming and carbon emissions:

1. The Earth is 4.5 billion years old, and has cooled so the crust of the Earth is between 15-25 miles thick. Our Earth is 8,000 miles in diameter. The Earth gets its warmth from the Sun but is slowly cooling.

2. You are traveling at 1,000 miles per hour as the Earth spins on its axis, and 67,000 miles per hour around the Sun. The Moon spins around the Earth and creates the tides. This, folks, is what makes our weather.

Man really doesn’t mean much to Mother Earth.

It is also believed that the Earth rotates its North and South Poles every 500,000 years. But don’t worry about that, you won’t be around then. If you live 80 years, you’re a .000000006 of a factor.

Whoever you vote for, they should support drilling for oil, gas, clean coal, nuclear everything, and Congress should pass laws exempting all regulations that would delay these programs.

Think of the one million jobs that would be created.

~ The Grizz
You may have also seen my thoughts in USA Today - October 23, 2008

PDF of my USA Today Ad


Posted by Tommy S. on Oct 22nd, 2008
Mr. Taylor, I am a 26-year old political enthusiast in South Carolina with interest in economic and business policy. I first got interested in politics in 1996 at age 14. I remember very well your presidential campaign and even watching several of your speeches on CSPAN. Through the years I have thought of you in the context of our nation's politics and had hoped that people like yourself would emerge as candidates. Have you ever considered running for political office again, if not for president maybe for the Senate or Congress? We need business-minded people like you who will talk straight and shake things up in Washington. By the way, I was very excited to find this official website of yours - I hope you would take a more active role in the national political dialogue. There has been a void since you ran in 1996 and I hope you will fill it! Thanks.

Posted by Robert Kleinheksel on Oct 23rd, 2008
Such wonderful wisdom! Oh that the average American finally open his/her eyes to the truth as outlined above.

Posted by Greg on Oct 23rd, 2008
What a load of unadulterated crap

Posted by David M. on Oct 23rd, 2008
Thank you for the USA Today full page ad (Thursday,Oct 23,2008). You have done with one ad in one day, what the media refuses to do, .... uncover the "why" and the "who", as to why we are experiencing what we are in the economy and exposing who is really responsible. I feel that there are many other issues, in this political season that needs to surface, concerning real heart of the Democratic party ... the ecomony is just one of them. Keep up the good work and continue the "exposure" ads. What we need is common sense in Washington! Thanks and keep fighting for COMMON SENSE, Dave

Posted by Laura in NJ on Oct 23rd, 2008
Dear Morry, Wake Up America is a fantastic ad, unfortunately, the folks who we need to reach with your message could care less about the facts. I've abondoned many (what I thought were) friendships over this election because they did not welcome my well researched comments and claim they just want change. I told them all to be careful for the change (which they can't define) they wish for as it just might surprise them... and not in a warm and fuzzy way. Thanks for your efforts. You are a patriot!

Posted by Cindy on Oct 23rd, 2008

Posted by Renee on Oct 23rd, 2008
I would like to comment on your claims about global warming. If you are going to advertise, make sure to get your science straight. This cannot be simplified into the few statements that you have claimed. So, let me add some more details for anyone who is interested. Our weather is mediated by the motions of the earth; but the system is much more complex than that. Changes in ocean circulation can also affect the weather patterns...and melting glaciers input cold freshwater to the system and can potentially change ocean (thermohaline) circulation, which in turn can drive atmospheric circulation to change. Understand also that global climate change occurs in cycles of about 100,000 years, shifting from warm to cold periods. This occurs for many reasons, including planetary motions, volcanic eruptions, and continental movements. Because of these factors, there are natural fluctuations in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. On top of these natural fluctuations, we are adding more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. These human induced greenhouse gases have increased the rate of emissions; and as a result, the temperature increases are accelerated. With these accelerated rates, we can expect to see increased storm activity, sea level rise, melting glaciers, desertification, flooding, increased respiratory health risks, and many many more. All of these have a direct impact on how we live our lives (like the food we eat and the water we drink) and where we live. So, while the earth is very old and will survive this increased rate of global climate changes, can we really afford the effects that we are inflicting upon ourselves?

Posted by Jordan on Oct 23rd, 2008
I read your ad in the usa today this morning. Wake up titan. I voted in republicans for my first six years of voting eligibility and I blame them for the mess we are in now. This mess didn't start two years ago. It started a long time before that. I blame the republicans who had power the six of the last eight years. Shame on titan for not realizing that. And I will make a point to refrain from doing any business with your company. Good Day.

Posted by Steve Goebel on Oct 23rd, 2008
Your full page ad today in USA Today was great. Looking at your website shows me one very clear fact: You have too much common sense and truth for the average American to understand. When we have a problem, let's look at the source, that being those in charge. You listed the parties in charge who actually caused our financial woes of late. Thanks for making it clear! I'm reading the USA Today here while working in West Virginia. I'm actually from northern Michigan and remember you when you did business there. Seeing your full page ad today reminds me of seeing the EJIW logos, straight from my hometown, everywhere I go where business is booming, as it is here in WV. Good things come from small town America!! Keep up the good work!

Posted by Peter L Ginn on Oct 23rd, 2008
Bless Morry Taylor for putting this ad out. Unlike others I do not believe it is unadulterated crap. If you follow the money you can see who set the stage for this to happen. The photos of some of the miscreants appear in the ad. On global warming, unlike many on the left who wish to believe otherwise, it is not a "proven fact". My own opinion is that it is based on some very bad "science" to this point. Back to the ad. I have e-mailed our local intelligent drivetime talk-show in Houston (KSEV) that your ad is in today's USA TODAY in an attempt to get the word out. I have taken 6 copies of the paper from the hotel where I am staying to attempt to bring some joy to six very unhappy Republicans I know. How about a very long bumper sticker with the 16 photographs under the words "Blame these people, not Bush" Peter L Ginn

Posted by Sherwood MacRae on Oct 23rd, 2008
While I truly respect your accomplishments, Grizz, I have much to say about your sorry ad in today's USA Today newspaper. You have proved the American dream for yourself and your family and for thousands (I suspect) of your employees, but you are like most "entrepreneurs" I have known in my fifty-plus years in the marketplace, you have no idea of the potential that lies buried beneath the rubble that comes when the elite argue that they are the not getting enough of the pie. You have just wasted a few minutes of my time reading your diatribe that failed miserably to tell the real story that is being played out across our nation. Blaming others only begs the question, what would YOU do to change things? Millions of us know there is a need for a change and are voting for the man who originally laid down the gauntlet - not the imposter who has also wasted our time - for over a quarter of a century. Do us a real favor - go back to what you have been doing and let us know when you learn how to ask for our help.

Posted by Ben on Oct 23rd, 2008
I read the ad in USA Today about how America needs to wake up today, and I am pretty sure it was written by someone in 7th grade. Excellent citation of your data. Like how the "earth is slowly cooling." According to you? Do you have any proof of this claim? What does the orbit speed of the earth have to do with CO2 emissions? Voting for unregulated mining and drilling? How would that turn out in 5 years? One million jobs created? What about the several million that have been lost due to the Republican stupidity in government? Also, it's one thing to bash the Democrats, but to bash them with the "facts" that you give is ridiculous and I can't believe that you have your own website. I was hoping that this was a joke, but it seems like you're serious. What a shame if anyone believes anything you write. America needs to wake up to idiots like the one who wrote that advertisement and pass that garbage off as truth. Just saying.

Posted by Gale on Oct 23rd, 2008
America does need to wake up. Just hope it is not too late. Thank you for the ad, it is great! I have never seen an America so blindsided to a politician as Obama. He is not who he seems or portrays to be. He is not what is best for us. America has to stand for it values and morals and we have let these politicians and people take that away from us. We need to get back to what our country was meant to be. We are such a giving country but the people we have let in want to change all our values to theirs and think we owe it to them. We have got to get back to the basics of our country. God bless America.

Posted by David Clark on Oct 23rd, 2008
The right-wing oligarchs drone on. Comes the revolution.... Oh, wait. That blessed event is a little under two weeks off. Huzzah.

Posted by lee on Oct 23rd, 2008
I don't want to hear it, i have never struggled so hard in my life, I had no problems at all when we had the last democrat president in house, and i had two children, we lived great. no welfare either no foodstamps, i have worked since i was 16 years old. One of my kids died, which leaves me with one, we can barely make it now, I don't understand and i exactly make more money now. Please help me understand that. So please don't blame democrats. You need serious help, You must be rich.

Posted by Sorry the Grizz on Oct 23rd, 2008
Wow, what an embarassingly unconvincing argument. You astutely note that the current Deomcratic Congress has been in charge for 2 years, but casually neglect the 6 years that George Bush had a Republican Congress rubber-stamping his every ill-advised whim (or the latter years of Bill Clinton's term when he faced a Republican Congress). Your grasp of science is incredibly underwhelming, and your conclusions totally unfounded (including your ridiculous claim of 1.0 million new jobs if we just "drill baby drill"). Your list of Obama's advisors is equally silly, since the aggregate compensations of McCain's advisors dwarf Obama's (including RIck Davis, who up until last month was STILL profiting from his firm's relationship with Fannie Mae, and including Carly Fiorina, who after getting dumped from HP for incompetence got one of those "golden parachutes" Senator McCain is always railing against ) Keep this trash in your blog, and out of the newspapers. You embarass yourself. I am currently investigating all of my mutual funds to see if any hold Titan stock, so that I can dump them. If this garbarge is any indication of your abilities, investors should run for cover.

Posted by David on Oct 23rd, 2008
The full page Ad paid for by Morry Taylor in today's USA is unbelievable. It sounds like the rant of a crazy old man. The so called "facts" are in fact distortions of the truth. 8 years of Bush and 6 years of a Republican controlled Congress apparently have nothing to do with with our current financial crisis. Sure, the Democrats share the blame, by Mr. Taylor's ad is insulting. "Vote with a Brain", Losers, Wake Up America. Surely those are all great slogans for Titan. It is disappointing that a US CEO is so negative and condescending towards the American public.

Posted by Charlie on Oct 23rd, 2008
my name is charlie from utah, i am deaf man and i have cp. i am republican long time, republicans are okay, because they are not so strong enough like conseratives now, i hope someday they will be stronger. i read usa today, i agree with you, morry and it is true, american people should wake up.

Posted by gary on Oct 23rd, 2008
God Bless America and citizens who can stand up to people like you who espouse crap. Drilling won't help, although I am not opposed. Nuclear would be great if we can guarantee its safety for future generations.If you and others like you do not see that 4+ billion people driving cars, working in polluting factories is affecting our air, water and causing global warming at an accelerated pace, then my friend education has passed you by.

Posted by Jackie Fox on Oct 23rd, 2008
Amen! You, Rick, and other past & present CEOs who worked from the ground up need to band together and TAKE BACK AMERICA! P.S. Miss the calls!!!

Posted by Stuart on Oct 23rd, 2008
THANK YOU Mr. Taylor! Our only hope is that people do WAKE UP before it's too late. It is amazing how many people are so blinded by their hate of President Bush that they are willing to sacrifice this great Country. Or is it just that the media has been totally co-opted and that's what they want us to believe? May God Bless You and our Country.

Posted by Jim Moore on Oct 23rd, 2008
As a Canadian currently in the US you are welcome site to get the word out about the fraud being perpotrated by the DEM's and there lapdogs in the MSM. This has become the election of who can spend the most and not bother with facts.The DEM's are now at $2.00 per every person and at least an equal amount in free time by the MSM. If this is not stopped now Socializim will be the order of the day in 8 years or less. Keep up the work to protect America. Jim Moore

Posted by GARY on Oct 23rd, 2008
Congratulations on having the b____ to stand up for what is right. I never realized how many people no longer can think for themselves. They believe everything that the media says is gospel. Listen up! If OBAMA is elected we have CHANGE coming - not even the democrats will like it. I have friends in Canada and family in England & France and they are well aware of socialism. THATS WHERE WE ARE HEADING! Example: my family member needed a colonosopy 3 weeks ago, he can't get it until Nov 24th. Thats what health care under OBAMA will get you. Yes Morry, you are right. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

Posted by Wilbur Craig on Oct 23rd, 2008
Awesome Add in USA today. Thank you, it is about time someone with some money and knowledge proves to the Ameriacn people what the truth about our politicians are all about. I can't stand to think that the American people would vote for a democratic president, especially the choice we have this year. Nobody can produce that even Barack was born in the USA, and that is sad that we as American's will put a vote of confidence to that party when all stock's and job markets are falling. Thank you again, for putting your hard earn money to work, and I pray that the American citizens will wake up to the truth, and vote for the right person in the office of our American President, and it is sure not Barack. Where are all the republicans now in the time of need, they need to voice thier opinion and get out and support a change with Senator Mccain and his running mate now.

Posted by JimC on Oct 23rd, 2008
I am so happy that I saw your full page add in USA Today this morning. You clearly stated what I have been preaching to all of my friends that are making an emotional rather than informed decision during this election. These are the people who take everything they hear in the liberal biased media at face value, are mesmerised by the smoke and mirrors manufactured by the Obama camp and won't take the time to acctually research the facts concerning this election! Thank you for being our voice. Hopefully some of those people who are presently making an emotional decision will begin to think about what is really going on here and choose to be informed instead of ignorant.

Posted by Kenneth D Slifer on Oct 23rd, 2008
I'm 75 yrs old and remember well "The silient majority.I thought we are now the "DEAD" majority.After seeing your article in the USA paper ,could not belive there some of us still alive.Can I just ask what the hell do these people cheer about .I've not heard one thing they are to accomplish by being our President,they have nothing to with me but to just be another face in the crowed.But I have something to go after congress if they let anthing increase our cost of living.If your interested I'll send you a copy of what I accomplished in the Nixon era when they pulled of the meat shotage.

Posted by jennifer on Oct 23rd, 2008
My little sister just called me from her liberal college campus (where they can get copies of USA Today for free) and gleefully told me about your full page ad! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Finally someone who will speak the truth. Thank you for selflessly putting your hard-earned dollars into a full page ad in a national newspaper. Thank you sir!

Posted by Bob Sopher on Oct 23rd, 2008
Shouldn't the latest act of corruption by Nancy Pelosi be included in your recent blog? Let me explain! Background: Starkist Tuna is owned by Del Monte Foods, a major contributor to Pelosi. Star Kist is the major employer in American Somoa employing 75% of the Samoan workforce. Paul Pelosi, Nancy's husband, owns $17 million dollars of Star Kist stock. Last week, Nancy Pelosi added an earmark to final bailout bill adding $33 million dollars to an "economic development credit in American Samoa." Is there anyone in the Congress brave enough to bring about some punitive action before the Ethics committee? What kind of country are we living in that a member of Congress can blatently get away with such an obvious violation of personal interest rules?

Posted by Tommy Lohman on Oct 23rd, 2008
Forgive me for interrupting the political discussion but your comment "The Earth is 4.5 billion years old..." is not a true statement. Science has not proven that the earth is 4.5 billion years old and it never will. Not because science is bad (its not) or science has no benefits to mankind (which it does), but science has limitations. Science is observational, not historical. When science reaches into the past it has to make assumptions: 1) testable material decays at a constant rate, 2) closed system, this means no outside influences have altered the process. Let me ask you this question, is the Chinese gymnast 14 years old or 16 years old? When looking into the past for the age of the gymnast, were tests run or were documents sought? Documentation! To determine the age of the earth, we need an eyewitness. I know of One, do you? As for politics, global warming is a pawn in the political machine.

Posted by John Young on Oct 23rd, 2008
Grizz, your USA page jumped right out at me and you are spot on! It's disheartening to read some of the above comments from people who probably will never wake up. So sad. And by the way, GO RAYS!

Posted by BB Andersen on Oct 23rd, 2008
The Bush administration has never told the American people that their administration had no over sight responsibility for Frannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Almost all of the the American public think the Bush administration had oversight responsibility, therefore he gets the blame which he should not. Does anyone think that if he had responsibility and oversight he would have appointed Democrats to be the CEOs of those 2 organizations?

Posted by Dennis Hemauer on Oct 23rd, 2008
Dear Grizz: I liked the ad in the USA Today. I wish Sen. McCain would hit this issue daily. You know it must be effective if the left keeps putting you down. Keep the truth coming, Dennis

Posted by NJP on Oct 23rd, 2008
OBAMA VS. MCCAIN WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO MAKE AN INTELLIGENT CHOICE! Unfortunately, most people don’t research the facts before voting for a President, but only complain later when they don’t like what they picked. Many people place their vote upon superficial traits such as looks, likeability, race, etc. They let others think for them. Please, read this. Our country is rapidly moving down a path that will cost us, and our children, dearly for generations to come. Plus, our jobs, national security and overall well-being will be directly impacted by whom we vote into office this November. All I ask is that you read this email to learn some of the facts. PLEASE, invest just a little time to ask yourself the question: Who is the best person to lead us out of our current mess! But ask the question using intelligent guidelines. Here are a few traits to consider in which hopefully you feel are legitimate criteria for choosing the person you want to run our country: ECONOMY: Do you want to live in a society based upon socialism principals or free market? Socialism: Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy. Look at countries that have embraced socialism i.e. the former Soviet Union. Look at what has made the U.S., a young country, successful – free market where entrepreneurs are rewarded for taking risks and investing their own money. Which one do YOU want? Obama wants to take money from the small businessman and large corporations and let the government decide who to give the money to. Is this your choice? If you work for a company (small, mid or large) think hard about this question. If your company is hurting, how will it impact you? Will you get fired? Pay cut? Job shipped overseas? If your employer is healthy, is that a bad or good thing? Obama is a SOCIALIST! If you get fired, blame yourself if you voted for socialism. And those brave men and women who fought to keep this country of free enterprise will turn in their grave for the gift that they gave us and you threw away. McCain wants to cut taxes for the small business owner and large companies alike. Again, is this bad for your job (or prospect of getting one)? History has proven that when taxes are cut, overall revenue goes up. Everybody wins! ENERGY: Obama is ignoring drilling for oil in our country. Anybody who understands “supply and demand principles” knows that if more of something is coming on the market in the future, the value of that product will go down because there would be more of it in the marketplace. Hence, the cost of energy will go down. Is this a good thing or bad thing to you? We need the futures market to drop the price of energy NOW and we don’t necessarily need untapped oil to show up tomorrow to make this happen…just as long as it IS coming. Agreeing to drill now is critical. Alternative energy is critical for our security and economy too. Both Obama and McCain support alternative energy. Is it bad to drill AND develop alternative energy? Obama only wants to rely on unproven technology that is years off. McCain wants to drill now and develop alternative energy too. Is it a good thing or bad thing that we are experiencing the most historic shift of wealth from our country to countries that include some of our enemies….enemies that are trying to destroy us? What do you think? EXPERIENCE: Leading the only superpower in the world is the MOST important job. How important is experience in selecting a doctor to operate on your child? Would you select a doctor with a nice personality and smile who lacks experience? Obama has NO experience running anything! Period! Is this at all important in your selection? (forget about Palin – she is not running for President and has run something albeit small). CHARACTER/TRUST: Do you believe that you are who you choose to hang out with? Do you encourage your children to associate with unsavory people? Why not? Does it matter to you who your presidential candidate has chosen to associate with in his free time? Obama’s friends: William Ayers: Former member of the Weather Underground. He was quoted in the New York Times after 9/11: “I don’t regret setting bombs; I feel we didn’t do enough.” Ayers is more than “someone who lives in my neighborhood.” He first met Ayers after college, along with Frank Davis, a member of the Communist Party USA. Ayers has also met with Hugo Chavez, the next Fidel Casto and enemy of the U.S. Ayers wife is Bernadine Dohrn, both her and William formerly listed on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted” list. Carl Davidson: Davidson was a major player in the Chicago branch of the New Party, a Marxist political coalition group. Obama has associated with him since 1996. Tony Rezko: Obama has known him for over 17 years. He is a convicted felon and provided Obama with a payoff (adjacent property to Rezko for under market value price). Obama dismisses Rezko as “not the person I knew.” Do you believe him? Reverend Jeremiah Wright: The same “God Damn America” person we all have come to understand all too well. Again, Obama dismisses Wright as “not the person I knew.” The same person who said that the US created AIDS to give to the black man. McCain: Served his country, was a POW for five years, refused to leave prison when offered because the code of ethics stated that he could not accept leaving prison before his fellow POW who served in prison longer than he. Would you be as tough if you were presented with similar options? Do you think it would be a good thing to have a tough President negotiating with our enemies? Question: Who would you want your child to emulate? Are these same qualities necessary for the person who will lead your family? Your son/daughter in battle? GENERAL QUESTIONS: Q. Should felons and non-US citizens be allowed to vote? Obama: Yes McCain: No How do you think the large population of non-US citizens will change the balance of our elections? Do you think that they may favor a President that forces the working community to provide them with free benefits? How much are you willing to pay from your current finances to fund this group even more than you do currently? Q. Should the tax rate for your stock returns be taxed at 15% or 40%? Obama: 40% McCain: 15% Q. Who actually pays the overall majority share of our taxes today? On the issue of raising the taxes on “the rich” – what percentage of all federal taxes are paid by the top 5% income earners within the U.S.? Answer: 95% (one-third of all people filing tax returns pay NO income taxes). Is this really fair? And how much more should this “rich” group pay? They already account for the largest sector of charitable contributions. Will that decrease and could it impact you? Your church? Your school? Your community? While we are at it, Obama said you are rich if you earn (combined with your spouse) $250K per year. How would you feel if next year he decides that $150K per year means you are rich? After all, we can’t pay for all the freebies he is promising so he will need to find the money somewhere and who do you think he will get it from? Q. One-third of all people filing a tax return DO NOT pay Federal taxes when filing a return. How much more money are you willing to contribute to this group beyond what you are already paying? Obama wants to extend more money to this group. Q. Should the government tell you that you can’t own a gun? Obama: He doesn’t support the second amendment. McCain: Does support the second amendment. Q. Is Iraq worth saving after spending billions of dollars and sacrificing multiple American lives? Remember, they have the second largest oil reserves in Iraq. Is this important to the world? Should the people in Iraq be our ally or our enemy? Forget about should we have gone there in the first place. Deal with the present. Q. Do you want the government to manage your healthcare? Do you know what healthcare is like in Canada today – a country that manages healthcare? Are you willing to wait six months for an operation if you require one? Q. Is it wise to spend money from your own budget that you don’t have? Obama wants to spend much more money than we have. Have you considered the fact that he has never managed a budget and possibly he doesn’t understand that bankruptcy may be an option for an individual but not a country? PERSONAL COSMETICS/ABILITY TO SPEAK: Obama: Hands down he has it!! Nice smile. Articulate. McCain: Poor debater. No charisma. OK, now you have some facts about our upcoming election. Make the smart choice and not an emotional one. Too much is at stake for us all so let’s not be ignorant about such an important event….get informed!!! The cost of picking the wrong candidate will be one that we can’t afford. And in the future, let’s vote all of them out of office in favor of a new crop that “gets it.” Please pass this on to both Democrats and Republicans so that we can hopefully elevate the intelligence of at least one election during our lifetime. At least this way we all can have a guideline from which to debate the issues and not rely on the media to feed us their garbage.

Posted by Lyn on Oct 23rd, 2008
Good Job on the ad! Only sorry that some will never admit that facts are facts and not "crap" - like they are hearing from the smooth orator they worship. When emotion rules, reason suffers. Unfortunately America has been mislead like this before, but those seeking change this time aren't remembering those mistakes. They will all take the handouts, however, until they realize what they truly cost. Please keep speaking up and speaking out. Do right and fear not!

Posted by Jim Acri on Oct 23rd, 2008
Thank you for some common sense in a national newspaper. I am so tired of all the smoke and mirrors in the national news and the lies being pushed by the liberal media. The lambs of this nation will continue to follow and support the liberals and environmental loonies ridicules garble without truly understanding the consequences until they destroy this country.

Posted by nancy fahey on Oct 23rd, 2008
Thank you so much for the add in USA Today. It was right to the point. Hope many people read and choose McCain. We have to clean up politics. Conservatives must speak up. NOW.

Posted by drew on Oct 23rd, 2008
great ad... thank GOD for it. Hopefully some of these dopes will have the scales removed from their eyes.... I have two drycleaners in cincy and am praying obama loses.... if he wins, i will layoff 10% of my workforce the next day and am raising my prices... america will get what is deserves with these clowns.... keep up the good work.... we are on a road to destruction and debt.... come on people. wake up.....

Posted by is everyone freakin brain dead? on Oct 23rd, 2008
Morry, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for spending the time and money to make an attempt to let people know the truth. While your scenarios of global warming/cooling may or may not be perfect, who can really know the complete answer. I do know there is indisputable evendence that the earth has gone through several ice ages and times of higher temperatures and humans where no where to be found at the time. Drilling may not be the final answer but are we to wait until we run out before other technologies are perfected? Everyone is so egar to blame Bush for everything. Why should we be considering helping the people of Darfur or other countries who are committing genocide, Sadam was committing genocide and people want to bail out from there before the job is done, it has been many, many years since girls were allowed to go to school and they are finaly able to attend school again. War sucks but Europe would all be speaking German if the USA didn't take a stand there. We spent our money to rebuild it but they have forgotten that and we have also forgot about that tyrant. As for the current economic problems, wake up america and take responsibility, The people who told so many people that they could afford a mortgage were flat out lying to you. They knew they could sell mortgages that couldn't be sold before because Clinton signed the bill that once again allowed mortgage backed securities to be legalized. This allowed the greedy bankers to use unsuspecting citizens to create a phony economy, it just took until now to blow up in our faces. Anyone remember the hugh bankrupcies that took place while Clinton was in office, who allowed them to happen? Experiance counts! People need to think about what constitutes government experiance. I would rather have someone as vice president who has the experiance of running a state government than someone who has been only one of many who also happens to one of many who has been at the top and in control of the Senate for the last two years. They watched everthing happen and certainly haven't fixed anything. It is so easy to see, as long as you still have a brain, that the leberal media wants nothing more than to have the ultraliberal Obama in the White House. This is America, I really think that the people coming here need to learn English not our citizens learning the language of the people coming here. He is brainwashing people and buying the election with their money. I have owned a manufacturing business for 20 years, young people need to wake up! It is nearly impossible to find young people who are willing to work to get what they want that is why we have needed to allow illegal immigration, at least they will work. Although they are first in line when there are promisses of easy gain. You get nowhere in the long run if everything is handed to you. If Obama gets in we are headed for a socialist society. One must remember, if wealth is to re-distributed it must come from somewhere, If someone has their wealth taken away you will also take away the willingness of that person to risk everything to get ahead in life and supply jobs in the U.S.

Posted by Conservatives Hate America on Oct 23rd, 2008
I cannot describe the feelings of disgust, outrage, and infuriation I felt when I laid eyes upon this venomous screed in the USA Today. To think that whoever made this piece of garbage actually believes that they have the moral justification to accuse others of not having that intelligence to figure out how ridiculous your claims are against these democrats is not only insane, but farcical. The only piece of quality advice this rubbish offers is the imploring to think with a brain when voting. That’s easy enough to understand, but what is not easy to comprehend is how long people that create such waste as this article will remain willfully ignorant of what America is and what American values truly are. I guess there really is no hope for some. It just proves that just as President Bush still has an approval rating, no matter how small, there will always be some people that will remain blind, deaf, and dumb to truth and reality despite all the attempts by rational people to expose the deceptions and falsehoods, bred by citizens who created and support this article, in this country.

Posted by Joe B on Oct 23rd, 2008
Your ad in the USA Today was amazing, considering the leanings of the paper. I'm surprised they even printed it. You are so right about "Waking Up America" otherwise it could be America no more. If Obama wins, say goodbye to AM Talk Radio. The Freedom Act will take care of that. Next, he'll tackle the First and Second Amendment, taking out rights of us slowly, yet taking them out. As he raises the taxes on the rich, the rich will say okay, we need to layoff more employees. What he doesn't get, the rich will always be rich, it's just us that loses. Bottom line, "Socialism" has never worked in any society, and will never work here. Thanks again for a message that needed to be shown...

Posted by john forsman on Oct 23rd, 2008
In my view there is only one way America is ever going to get back to normal is, WE Americans must vote for a Dictator, who will go to Wash dc and kick all those bast---out and start over with what the founding fathers wanted. But I feel the American people are whipped down, they don't know whats good for the country. Anyone who votes this election should put on the ballet, NONE OF THE ABOVE.. LETS SEE WHO GETS THE MOST VOTES.

Posted by Tricia Mealins on Oct 23rd, 2008
Thank you for trying to get the truth out! I can't believe what is happening in America today. God help us!

Posted by awp on Oct 23rd, 2008
Crap, crap, and more crap. The facts are--the most diasterous republican president for eight years. Out of the last eleven years a congress with a republican majority. Sure those damn democrats must share some blame, but blame falls off those twofaced republicans in scales. Thank goodness I am not a member of either party, what we need is to abolish congress and start over.

Posted by Casey on Oct 23rd, 2008
Hey Morry, you're an idiot! I just read your "Wake Up America" post and am now dumber from having read it. How much did you pay for the ad space? because I think you should have spent the money on an engagement ring for Ann Coulter! Please don't write garbage like this to be read by impressionable people, myself excluded, thanks. Feel free to combat me on any issue you please... Casey from SLC

Posted by roger Comer on Oct 23rd, 2008
I voted against every republican on the ballot, Republicans are for Big Business, Democrats are for us little guys , enough said, Big Business is out to screw America plain and simple

Posted by Terry Gibbs on Oct 23rd, 2008
Your add is full of crap. With your buddy Bush running this country we have sunk in to a resesion and have lost lots of americans. In a war that is only making you richer. So hopefuly people will realize if you vote for Mcaine we will be raped and left in the gutter bloody. Or if you voter for Obama we will be raped still but at least he will slip us a ruffy so we don't feel it as much.

Posted by Leanne from Ohio on Oct 23rd, 2008
For once, someone has it RIGHT! Thank you! It's too bad this country is filled with idiots, who believe government handouts are a right! It's interesting to me that Obama's campaign has spent nearly $1 billion to get him elected... Hmmm...democrats like him were all over G W Bush for spending money on his campaign, saying he was funded by "BIG OIL," well, I think that's better than being funded by a multi-millionaire communist, George Soros! Wish we had more people like you in this country! Smart, intelligent individuals, who work hard and don't expect everyone else to bail you our or pay for you! THANK YOU!

Posted by Richard on Oct 23rd, 2008
Great ad! The only problem is, all this crap started the day Dubya took over. The worst president ever! Sorry, sorry administration. And we should consider four more years of the same?

Posted by anti-liberals on Oct 23rd, 2008
Great add. Expains it all in one page! I found it in USA Today and decided I had to see your website.

Posted by Alex on Oct 23rd, 2008
Your ad made me laugh, and not in a good way. Half of all the middle-schoolers I know could relate their facts to their claims in a more logical way than you, an ex-Presidential candidate (as the other posters say; this is the first election where I've been old enough to really follow it.) How on earth does the fact that the earth reverses its poles have ANYTHING to do with our country's economic state? This makes absolutely no sense. First of all, the earth's CORE is cooling. However, its crust acts as an insulator, otherwise we'd all be fried by now. Because of this insulating action, the very slight temperature change of the core doesn't significantly affect us. Greenhouse gases trap heat from the sun in our atmosphere and prevent it from escaping back into space, which does affect our temperature. Second of all, I don't see why there is any reason to upset the environmentalists. Admittedly, I am an environmentalist, for good reason. America has one of the largest ecological footprints, if not the largest, out of all the countries of the world. This means that it takes a significantly larger amount of land to maintain one of our citizens than a citizen of another country. What's the reason for this? Our country is highly wasteful; we recycle only a fraction of what we can, we each produce a whopping four pounds of trash every day, and we consume far much more food than we need. As for the drilling, I think it's a bad idea as well. I have said this before, and I will say this again: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CLEAN COAL. Coal, even the 'cleanest' type, still produces as much emission as oil does. Politicians just call coal 'clean' to make it sound better. Drilling for oil seems like a waste of money as well. I know someone's going to flame me for saying that. Go ahead. However, if our country's going to spend such amounts of money on drilling and piping, why not spend that money finding truly clean sources of energy that won't run out in ten years? Why don't politicans promise to put money towards building solar power plants, wind farms, etc., and researching new types of energy or those that need more research to make them safe, such as nuclear? I am not Democratic nor Republican. I still don't favor either candidate. Why not? It's simply because energy is the biggest issue for this race for me (it is tied closely to the economy; I don't think the economy will recover until energy improves), and I don't like either candidate's plan. Neither of them have ever sponsored any bills or been supporters of clean, renewable energy. America does need to wake up, and realize that it should stop laying blame on its elected officials and start utilizing real solutions.

Posted by Bob R on Oct 23rd, 2008
What a tremendous surprise to open the Oct. 23rd edition of the USA Today to page 9A. Thank you for your very great contribution to exposing the so-called leaders of the Democratic Party. I am sure that many of those within that party who really care about the future of our country cringe when they see these names in print. And, note the backers/advisors to Obama. Why doesn't John MacCain hammer on this association?? Unfortunately it appears that the welfare mentality is replacing the values that made this country so great! People had better realize who foots the bill to support this idealism. Again, Thank You!

Posted by Andrea on Oct 23rd, 2008
WOW, I picked up the USA TODAY at work and could not believe what was printed on the page!!! This page should be in every newspaper in the U.S.A.!!! I bet the Hartford Courant wouldn't print it though as there are too many single moms having babies and waiting for Obama to send them a check! I hope that McCain/Palin win and if they don't I will be one of the first to have a Don't Blame Me, I Voted for McCain/Palin bumper sticker!!! Thank you Grizz !!!

Posted by garcia on Oct 23rd, 2008
good article. thank you Morry vote for mccain and against obama. either way will work. great comments above. most of these concerns will go away if we had term limits. one term only. get rid of idiots like kennedy and others. the earths environment is too large and powerful to be influenced by humans. when most of the US was covered by a glacier for 2 million years where were the carbon emissions. by the way, al gore and his carbon tax needs to be stopped now!! we are alll going to be taxed a ton for a carbon foot print, what ever the hell that is, and al gore is going to get alll that tax money. he is such a stupid fat pig.

Posted by Dan Kessinger on Oct 23rd, 2008
Looks like Morry Taylor should run for President. Thanks for putting together a truthful ad.

Posted by David From Marietta on Oct 24th, 2008
Thank you Mory for a truthful advertisment. I don't know why Mcain is not beating this horse to death, instead of the "Osama is friend of terrorists" thing. I don't doubt that he is in bed with some dubious fellows (just look at the rogues gallery you posted :)), but the american people need to know who has been in charge of Freddie and Fanny. The idiots who will not acknowledge the truth now may wake up later, but it will be too late. This is sad. I hate to see anyone follow that lying satan. Oh well, a fool and his vote ........

Posted by nrb on Oct 24th, 2008
why don't you fully disclose the profit potential for your company in your ad if your wishes came true on mining, etc. your company is the future halliburton with a republican administration that drills for oil and digs for coal unrestrained. most people that read your ad don't know who you are or better yet...what your company does. how about full disclosure??

Posted by PBL on Oct 24th, 2008
THANK YOU!! To me the point you are making is that Bush as well as the Congress is to blame for our present situation. Bush is definitely out. Now let's get rid of the other part of our problem. To keep the present Congress, and add more of the like minded is to only exacerbate the problems.

Posted by John from South Carolina on Oct 24th, 2008
BRAVO!!! Clear, concise and accurate evaluation and commentary on the causes of the current financial crisis. Now, if only the majority of the electorate would read and understand it before they cast their ballots. Unfortunately, most of the democrat party supporters don't read, listen or reflect on the bald faced lies of the self serving politicians that make up the democrat party. McCain is right when he says that the more often and the louder you repeat a lie the more likely it will be seen as the truth. Most voters get their news from the skewed sound bites and the headlines of the alphabet media already in the democrat tank. As a retired law man I've been involved in and through the upheavals and disturbances of the '60's & '70's, watched Watergate and a variety of other social changes but I always knew our constitution and laws were flexible enough to accomodate those events and retain the stability of the country. Now I'm 64 years old and for the first time in my life I'm seriously worried about the future of this country if the democrat party gets their hands on the levers of power. I'll probably be gone but my children and grandchildren will be stuck having to deal with the socialist legacy being prepared by the democrats. Let's hope somebody out there is paying attention. The price we'll pay is too great!

Posted by mike on Oct 24th, 2008
The way I see it is you can be totally blind to the real truth, vote for Obama and end up handing out your hard earned money to all the people waiting for a hand out or you can Vote for McCain and stand up for what built this country, people who work hard, payed their taxes and didn't want the handouts. This mess started when the greedy banks gave all the loans out with no down-payment on variable rates to people who cold not afford it. Nice liberal try to make people feel good about themselves but look were it got us. When a deal looks too good to be true, vote for McCain! We cannot afford the handouts that Obama wants to give out. You just can't squeeze blood out of a turnip. You don't get something from nothing. It is not within our governments duties to re-distribute wealth.

Posted by Kris on Oct 24th, 2008
Thank God! Someone who is advertising the truth! We saw this ad in USA Today and sent this link onto others. I applaud your efforts!

Posted by Jim in Louisville on Oct 24th, 2008
Grizz, thanks so much for your full page spread. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We need more of us to speak up before Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of that ilk ruin this country. Right on!!!

Posted by Jason Moore on Oct 24th, 2008
I am a college student majoring in environmental science at Indiana University. The statements that "the Griz" made about global warming are inaccurate. Can you please tell me what the diameter of the earth has to do with global warming? The speed the earth is traveling and spinning on its axis does cause weather but is clearly and to anybody with a brain as you say not the source of global warming. And to say that man doesnt mean much to Earth and Democrats are trying to please environmentalists is an obvious propaganda statement. Maybe "the Griz" should do some research on the topics before you just throw out random scientific facts and expect anyone with a brain to accept them. I think that the ad you posted in the USA today is absolutely ridiculous and if anyone believes it then they clearly are not "thinking with a brain". As an American citizen i am absolutely insulted that you think Americans should beleive the propaganda that you posted in the USA Today. I don't see how you expect people to not see through this ridiculous and false advertisement of Democrats, environmentalists, and global warming. I respect your right as an American to have your political views and to print what you would like, but the fact that you are blatently lying and throwing red herrings left and right about global warming by throwing out random scientific data about the earth is rather insulting. If you actually read this "Griz" please consider to do some research and use your own brain so your propaganda even makes sense.

Posted by Roger on Oct 24th, 2008
Mr. Taylor: The parts of your full-page USA Today advertisement that related to Global Warming were especially interesting. Can you please share with all of us your academic background and experience as they relate to atmospheric science, and how they qualify you as a spokesman on this topic. I think you owe us that much, so that we can put your statements in proper perspective. Sincerely, Roger

Posted by eric m. appleman on Oct 24th, 2008
Do you have a pdf or jpg of your USA Today ad you can e-mail me?

Posted by Dan Mc on Oct 24th, 2008
Who here thinks that these problems started 2 years ago? WRONG! 5 years ago? WRONG! Ten years ago? WRONG! 15 years ago? WRONG! 20 years ago? RIGHT!!!!!!! I am voting Democrat this election (I am personally an Independant), but I will say that the last time our government worked was back with Reagen. If our US Government was run like any business, the Government would have filed for Bankruptcy long ago. This is the truth. Tell your politicians to do their job, and fix this country. STOP pointing fingers, as we all know the saying, "because you have 4 more fingers pointed right back at you." And the truth about Fannie and Freddie? They PAID a REPUBLICAN lobbying firm to BLOCK a bill that added regulations to the loans THEY could hand out. Think with your head and your brain, not your heart. Who is better qualified to lead us out of this economic crisis? Someone who has helped create it? Someone who has wasted their time in the Senate, rubbing elbows with lobbyists? I suggest that we, THE PEOPLE, enact term limits on our Senators and Representitives. Inject new blood into the dried up cesspool that is Washington DC. If you have been in Congress more than 10 years, what exactly have you achieved? A job that has more holidays and "recesses" than our school system cannot be effective. Times are changing. Our Congress isn't. Be the solution.

Posted by Tom on Oct 24th, 2008
I travel a lot in my job, and usually there is a copy of USA today under my hotel door in the morning. I normally scan it but rarely read it anymore because of their left leaning editorials et al. On Thursday, when I threw it in the trash before reading it....lo and behold what did I see? For a minute I thought I was still dreaming....I picked it up, opened it, and WOW! What IS THIS???? I can't tell you how much I appreciated seeing "Wake UP America" and reading your comments. Some of the dolts' comments listed above indicate just how serious the dumbing down of America has become. For those of you who think the Republicans have been in power for a long time....Democrats have controlled Congress for over eighty of the past one hundred years. A young friend of mine (a Liberal) admitted that in the 70's the Democrat Party was intellectually bankrupt. I agreed and reminded him that Joe Biden is still there along with many others...John Conyers, Rangel, Dodd, Kennedy, etc. I agree with is time for change. Vote these crooks out.....the sooner the better! God Bless You .... Keep up fighting the Good Fight!!!

Posted by Tom on Oct 24th, 2008
Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd, Kennedy, Range, etc all should be shot. They have done so much harm to this country by trying to blame president Bush for EVERYTHING when in reality, it's their fault. Thanks for getting this info out to the masses. We'll see what the people say on November 4th. God help us all!

Posted by Ricardo Merlos on Oct 24th, 2008
I would like to publish your article that appeared in USA Today 2008 on Friday Oct 23 in all of the American News Paper. How can I contribute to achieve this goal? Thank You, Ricardo Merlos

Posted by John Clark on Oct 24th, 2008
A Double Win in November - Spells Trouble with a Capital “S” In the event that Senator Obama wins the White House and Congress wins a super majority – beware!! The Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch will be able to wield unfettered, unrestricted power. All checks & balances will be gone. Republicans will be irrelevant! “Reaching across the aisle” obsolete. When a Supreme Court Justice is needed - a liberal Justice will be confirmed. For sure, “change” will come … in the form of Socialism.

Posted by Steve Morton on Oct 24th, 2008
Morry - God bless you and thank you for doing, what so many of us would like to do, if we had the money and resources - EXPOSE THE CROOKS IN D.C. ! I am so sick and tired of hearing our President get the blame for EVERYTHING, including GLOBAL WARMING! Dan MC is right....this mess started a long tome ago, but it has grown worse. Primarily because of the LEFT LOONS like Pelosi, Frank, Rangal and Conyers....just to name the worst! If you check your history folks you'll see that the mortgage crisis started with then President Jimmy Carter. It was further abused under President Bill Clinton. These are the facts folks - Check it our for yourself. I simply cannot believe that Americans are so STUPID and so GREEDY that all they are focused on are their pocketbooks, purses and wallets these days. Our future is so much more than just the economy. And with an Obama Presidency and Democratic longer will there be a balance of power to keep one party from totally SCREWING us up for good! With a majority DEMOCRATIC government in DC, we can kiss our hard earned dollars good-bye; we can kiss the choice of medical care and premium medical services good-bye; we can kiss our right to bear arms good-bye; we can just plain kiss ALL OF OUR FREEDOMS good-bye. Because not only will there be a FAR LEFT LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT in DC. But they will choose SUPREME COURT judges that will make some of the most ass-nine decisions ever, in the history of this Nation. Say hello to PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTIONS ON DEMAND ! Say hello to TEENAGERS having abortions without the consent of their parents! Say hello to SAME-SEX MARRIAGE as the LAW OF THE LAND; Say hello to Ministers being arrested and jailed and accussed of spreading hate, just for sharing the gospel; say hello to LIMITS placed on Conservative Talk Radio and Television; say hello to your loss of YOUR RIGHTS !! Folks, we are battling for the heart of America like never before. If you are sitting back on your ass and doing nothing to activate the conservative vote, then don't let me hear you crying about how bad things are under the new government. In the words of John McCain - A REAL AMERICAN HERO AND SERVANT of our Nation; "STAND UP...STAND UP....STAND UP.....!" Make your voice heard! Don't believe the polls! Don't believe the media! Tell folks what they are in for with the CHANGE Candidate! Gran your family, friends and loved ones, and slap them awake! YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!!!

Posted by Andrew on Oct 25th, 2008
I am aware of what is going on Morry, by the way what kind of real man is named Morry? We are about to hand you your ass on a silver platter so get ready. You appeal to white supremacy and we repeal you. After we take over everything your kind will be marginalized and finally America can be what our fore fathers were after. The only people this appeals too is the kind that live in Utah and Idaho, so go there. I am no fat lazy old school American. I am the new liberal, the new America. Ripped to the bone and pissed off and about to take it all over.

Posted by Billy V. Guess on Oct 25th, 2008
I saw your ad in USA Today this morning (10/25/08) regarding Pelosi, Reid, Dobbs, Franks, etc. How right you are, not only should we vote them out of office, we should put them in jail. Lord, help us of Obama gets in office and Pelosi & Reid are still the ones in charge of congress and the senate. Their rating alone should remove them from the office they hold. Thank you for keeping the heat on these idiots.

Posted by Desiree on Oct 25th, 2008
Re: Comment from Jordan Jordan wrote: This mess didn't start two years ago. It started a long time before that. You are correct! The financial crisis is a direct result of the political decision, back in the late 1990s, to loosen the rules of lending so that home loans would be more accessible to poor people. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were authorized to approve risky loans. Who do you think was President then (hint: it wasn't a Bush) Everyone is so gung-ho to blame Bush, but the fact of the matter is this problem started way before the Bush Administration. Here's another great article to read.

Posted by CHill on Oct 25th, 2008
I loved your ad. I would like to see it ran in our local newspaper. Please let me know if you will supply the ad, I will pay for it. Thank you. We need to WAKE UP AMERICA before it is TOO late.

Posted by Gregory on Oct 25th, 2008
"Yes, you have heard all these problems and more blamed on President Bush. Well, he will be out of office in a few months, and you know, he couldn’t have done it all alone." You're right, Bush had nothing to do with the housing crisis or this economic turmoil. Jimmy Carter enacted the legislation to help make homes more affordable to lower income families. This was well intentioned and had it been regulated, which a number of both democrats and republicans fought for, but congress voted down, then we wouldn't even be here. This problem was a long time coming and it could have been stopped by Ronald Regan or Bill Clinton. Neither did. 1. The Earth is 4.5 billion years old, and has cooled so the crust of the Earth is between 15-25 miles thick. Our Earth is 8,000 miles in diameter. The Earth gets its warmth from the Sun but is slowly cooling. How does the diameter of the Earth and the thickness of its crust have any bearing on global warming? The condition of the atmosphere, ionosphere, and magnetic field surrounding us dictate the progression or digression of global warming, if it is happening. I personally don't know one way or the other, but I do know someone needs to look at a recently updated high school science book. Maybe while that person is at it they should look at some literature books as well so they can better structure their argument and not make such big stretches of logic to make a flawed point. Also, the Earths overall temperature has been scientifically proven, with tried and true methods of testing, to be rising, not falling. It has been acknowledged and proven by scientists who both democrats and republicans alike use to make their biased points. 2. You are traveling at 1,000 miles per hour as the Earth spins on its axis, and 67,000 miles per hour around the Sun. The Moon spins around the Earth and creates the tides. This, folks, is what makes our weather. So how, if those things that make our weather are remaining constant, is the Earths temperature rising? If those things are the only things that make our weather, then how can anything be changing? Your statement above completely leaves out the sun for one, which invariably has bouts of sunspot activity, which directly effects literally everything on Earth, from electronics to migration and weather patterns. -"It is also believed that the Earth rotates its North and South Poles every 500,000 years. But don’t worry about that, you won’t be around then. If you live 80 years, you’re a .000000006 of a factor." Actually, the Earth is well overdue for a shift in the poles, based on the average occurrence scientists have reached a general consensus on, based on core testing. Read any published book on the subject. The structure of your argument and the amount you stretch logic to make flawed points makes me feel like you're really not trying to appeal to someone open minded or logical. This ad feels like you're playing peoples fears and prejudices, which are based on the unknown. You and Karl Rove aren't too different in your attempts to mobilize the voter population. I despise the tactics that both you and Rove employ to strike fear into the unsuspecting or those uneducated on the method of mobilization. We do NOT need another politician that tries to point out yet another crisis or enemy. We do NOT need to make people fear yet another subject that simple education on the matter would solve. We NEED a REAL politician. We NEED an HONEST politician. We do NOT need someone who does what all the other guys do because it works. You're a business man right? Then you know how beneficial being contrarian to the way things are right now can be to your revenues, and image as a company overall. That is if you're contrarian in the right way. All you have to do is be honest and real... appeal to people's common sense, not their fears or lack of knowledge on a subject. You might find your fan base will grow.

Posted by Margaret K on Oct 25th, 2008
Thanx for your Wake Up call.... Wonder if you could have a page that has four columns - listing important achievements - relevant to being president - of each candidate. Wouldn't one column be strikingly empty ? Or how about this idea - ? I read on the net about Etienne de Silhouette who, in 1759, over-taxed the French. His victims used the word 'silhouette' in saying theat their wealth was but a shadow of what it once had been. Could the campaign use a slhouette of an EAGLE with the idea that we cannot let Obama policies cause our great country to become but a shadow of what IT has been ?????

Posted by Bud Holland on Oct 26th, 2008
Sir, you have nailed it directly! Over and over again, we elect the same people who have fogotten (if they ever knew) that elected positions are servant roles; not positions for self serving people who wish to climb a ladder of some kind for their own good. While this is not the case for all Members of Congress and the Senate, it is for my opinion. "Cage rattling," and figurative winds, fire and earthquakes seem to be attention getting "vehicles of choice" for whatever a person has to say for shock value Elijah expected to find the words of the Almight in such things while he was hiding in a cave (hiding from Jezabel, not Nacey Palosi). It turned out that his answer came from the still, quiet voice. You have spoken a great truth. Apathy is systemic: many of the same group of loosers will be re-elected. Perhaps, just maybe, your spoken words will resonate when, as individuals, we go into what I consider the closest place to sacred ground this side of eternity: the voting booth.

Posted by Joe on Oct 26th, 2008
I think there is something wrong with this ad. Any one reasonably intelligent will say that this is total "CRAP", so I assume that is ad was for those who read this kind of ads once in a year. Blamming for the last two years and not talking about the six prior to that is totally ridiculos. Have you ever heard of the "Snow ball effect", I guess not because you probably believe in TUNNEL VISION!!

Posted by Scott on Oct 26th, 2008
Thank you Morry! That was a great ad in USA Today! I think I have the final piece of that jigsaw puzzle that really explains what caused the problems, and why. This may be enough to wake up the voters. Please contact me.

Posted by lowdowndave on Oct 26th, 2008
And what, pray tell Andrew, are you ready to do with your new found power? Will you happily march dissenters off to the gulag? Are you one of the new brown shirts? Maybe we can become like Cambodia in the 70's and jail all the "rich and educated" and give power to ones like you, all ripped to the bone and pissed off, and lacking completely in objective reasoning. So ready to drink the wine of totalitarian power. Until you wind up on the other end of somebody's rise to power. Grow up, get real. Obama your momma. He's just another bs politician.

Posted by Bob on Oct 26th, 2008
You've heard the expression "buying a pig in a poke"? Well, it appears the American public is doing this by voting for a lightweight who has hidden his past, runs with crooks, extreme leftists and has received an unprecedented amount of contributions that can't be traced. Watch his face when he speaks to the fawning public: he sneers at their ignorance and has the young college brainwashed students whose tuitions are paid for by their conservative parents. I grieve for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who will inherit the legacy of a political party that encourages homosexuality, burning of the flag, removal of "God" and the Ten Commandments from all public places and has stacked the Congress with incompetent crooks. Nevertheless, I appreciate your efforts in your U S News expose. I stopped reading that rag because of its liberalism just as I no longer watch CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC & NBC news.

Posted by Jeff on Oct 26th, 2008
This is definately one of the more inane ads I have ever seen. Quite obviously this Mr Morry gentleman hates democrats and loves republicans which skews his viewpoint off into an acerbic, right wing dreamland. By denying global warming he also makes it clear that he thinks he knows more about climate science than 95% of the worlds scientists.

Posted by Tim on Oct 27th, 2008
Grizz, You. Are. The. Man. Thanks for having the courage and spirit to print some truth in USA Today. Truth isn't often found in that "newspaper." Thanks! Tim

Posted by I see clearly on Oct 28th, 2008
When is someone who can afford to get on national t.v. going to get serious and tell the blind followers of Obama who this man really is. His ties with Ayers are well documented as are his ultra liberal positions. It does not seem that poeple are thinking about the long term effects this person is goint to have. Allowing criminals and illegal aliens to vote? Get real, they have no business being here in the first place, of course they will vote ultra liberal, they are here for the handouts. Taxes under his plan will go up because he will allow Bush's tax cuts to expire. He stated he will defend the second ammendment, but he will do everthing he can to make it financially impossible for people to own a firearm. His record shows he is against the right to bear arms. Someone has to stand up to this guy while in the national spotlight or we will be paying for this for years to come. He is a very eliquent speaker and has buoght nearly every network with Millions of dollars of ads. He is about to succeed in buying this election. Someone out there has the money to buy some t.v. time across the spectrum and let blind sided america know who this person really is.

Posted by Morry on Oct 28th, 2008
Greg: Just a load of crap? You know, if you took the time to write an e-mail or contributing comment, you could offer ideas. Maybe you are the one who doesn’t use his brain. I’ve created thousands of jobs by working hard. What have you done?

Posted by Morry on Oct 28th, 2008
Renee: Thank you for your thoughtful reply, but you can simplify anything if you think about it. The recent forest fires in California produced a lot of carbon, as did the fires before the 1800’s and throughout history. The planet is also indexed pole to pole. Therefore, both North and South will melt and other areas will freeze. Don’t forget 500 years ago mankind thought the world was flat. London was deep in smoke when everyone burned coal. Large cities have problems because of population congestion. Put 100 men into a room who are drinking beer and the heat goes up, as does the odor. I agree with you, but I think the best way to help improve life is to build 100 nuclear power plants. If you get x-rays, body scans or MRIs, the isotopes are nuclear and when they don’t work, just like batteries they are waste. We can recycle them or drop them into hole. They are harmless underground. Again, thanks for your reply.

Posted by Morry on Oct 28th, 2008
Jordan: If you want to know when this financial meltdown was set up, President Clinton just admitted it was set up in his administration, allowing banks to get into investment banking and not putting regulations on swaps and derivatives. I agree the Bush administration should have done more, but big government, big labor and big business means the working men and women of this country will get the shaft. So if you have better ideas, let’s hear them.

Posted by Morry on Oct 28th, 2008
Sherwood MacRae: First, Sherwood, I don’t care who wins, I put my money up in 1996 and told everyone who listened what had to be done in this country for the hard working men and women of this country. You sound like an intellectual elitist because of your comment “most entrepreneurs.” The entrepreneurs of this country are rarely from the intellectual elite because they are not as smart. Entrepreneurs take chances and work hard to make money over the “brainy” group or intellectual elite. I hope life gets better for you.

Posted by Morry on Oct 28th, 2008
Ben: I’ve been to 7th grade. Also 12th and earned a BSME (mechanical engineer). I also have a journeyman tool and die card and am a certified welder. Ben, the Earth has been cooling for four billion years, or do you believe aliens made this planet? Our planet’s orbit affects weather, Ben. It is quite obvious you know very little about the Earth. Do you have any idea of the percentage of Earth’s gas makeup? Check out CO2, Ben. Do you have any idea why the Smoky Mountains were named as such? I bet you don’t even know that the x-rays dentists and doctors use are classified as nuclear waste. When they lose power, just like when cell phone batteries go dead, there is still a little juice in them. Hell, you don’t even know how electric power is made. I look at politicians as all the same. I have voted for Democrats and Republicans. I don’t like parties and that is what the article showed. Whoever has seniority gets to head up the Senate or Commission Committee. Barney Frank is head of banking for Congress and Senator Dodd for Senate. That is the best the Democrats can do? You want change? Throw out all Democrats and Republicans. Bush is leaving. That is a fact, Ben. Sorry I disappointed you, but you gave no solutions.

Posted by Morry on Oct 28th, 2008
David Clark: The election is a week off, David, but if the American men and women don’t send a real message for change and stop the partisanship in politics, then it will be the working men and women who get hurt. The rich will not be hurt.

Posted by Morry on Oct 28th, 2008
Lee: Think about how hard you work and how it gets harder to make ends meet, then look at who implemented the various trade deals with China and others – President Clinton, the Republicans weren’t much better either. Who passed the law so banks could become investment banks? President Clinton. Yes, now the Republicans with Democrats are saving the Wall Street Banks. This is wrong, but look at the heads of Freddie and Fannie May – ex-Clinton appointees. Yes, Lee, I have money. I took failed companies and with great workers built a $1 billion company, manufacturing steel wheels and tires for farm, construction and mining businesses. I’m sorry about the loss of your child. Remember, what happens in Washington, D.C., affects working men and women 5-10 years later.

Posted by Morry on Oct 28th, 2008
Sorry the Grizz: It’s interesting how you offer nothing. You must be a politician or working for one. I’ve created over 3,000 jobs in the United States. What have you done? Look at your mutual funds, you would find out TWI from 2003 until 2008 was in the top five for stock appreciation on the New York Stock Exchange. The million new jobs would come from all the items: drilling, mining, nuclear plans, nuclear waste, storage, etc. You, my friend, are the sorry one.

Posted by Morry on Oct 28th, 2008
David W: I don’t mind being called an old crazy man, because I’ve done something on this earth – I’ve built a great company of 3,000-plus employees and turned around failed businesses. What have you done but complain? Any ideas?

Posted by Morry on Oct 28th, 2008
Charlie from Utah: Thank you.

Posted by Morry on Oct 28th, 2008
gary: Brazil had no oil reserves until they drilled. That is a fact. It is pure dumb not to, my friend. You are worked up about five billion people driving. What do you want them to do, walk? Do you know that at the end of the 1800’s, the educated people were worried about the earth being covered with three feet of horse manure due to all the people riding horses? Here is something else you can look up: there are one million ants per human on earth. Scary, but you should worry about the global warming from those forest fires in the West. I’m educated, but I think for myself.

Posted by Morry on Oct 28th, 2008
Jackie Fox: I agree. Beautiful.

Posted by Morry on Oct 28th, 2008
Stuart: Thank you.

Posted by Morry on Oct 28th, 2008
GARY L: Thank you.

Posted by Morry on Oct 28th, 2008
To all of you: I appreciate your comments and I thank you. There were many more positive responses than negative. To the negative, hopefully I will finish up replying to your statements. To those who wish to publish my article, you have my blessing, just don't ask for money. (see the link to the pdf file at the end of the original entry)

Posted by Jeannie Randolf on Oct 28th, 2008
Mr. Taylor, I appreciate your ad. Could I donate for other another ad to expose his unconstitutional beliefs, which he gave in an interview in 2001. Rush, Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy and Mark Levin. He hates our Constituion even more all the other liberals.

Posted by AmericanAubrey on Oct 28th, 2008
Morry, WOW there are actually some Great Americans out there! Your USA Today ad is exactly right. I am appalled by the absolute lies Obama and his Socialist party sends out, especially look at his gun ads and how they are diabolically opposite his voting record! I remember prior to Nov 2006, consumer confidence was at an all time high, the stock market another all time high, unemployment at near record lows, the housing industry booming....then an election took place, a new Congress & Senate was elected and we went to pot. GO FIGURE! WAKE UP!

Posted by Judy Fischer on Oct 28th, 2008
Thank you. Let's hope this helps people see the light.

Posted by glenda on Oct 28th, 2008
Thank you so much ! Don't quit!

Posted by Tiffany on Oct 28th, 2008
October 28, 2008 Vote McCain My mother and I just got back from a Sarah Palin speech at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania. To stand out side in the cold and to then go inside and have Sarah Palin heat things up with a heart felt speech was worth standing outside.

Posted by Roger on Oct 28th, 2008
Mr. Taylor, Thanks for providing some background information on yourself (e.g., in your reply to Ben). So far, we see that you run a tire manufacturing firm, and are: a degreed BSME; a journey tool and die apprentice; and a certified welder. But your academic background and experience do not qualify you as a spokesman on atmospheric science and climate change (far from it). But at least now we can put your statements in proper perspective. You are not the first misguided soul to believe that you are an expert on topics that you know little or nothing about, based on your expertise/success in something unrelated. I suggest that you stick to what you do best: making tires and boasting about it. Sincerely, Roger

Posted by H. M. Clements on Oct 29th, 2008
I have to say I am embarrassed for you Mr. Taylor. I happened upon your full-page spread in USA Today and I was astounded by the lack of coherency or logical argument, and by the abysmal, ignorant bias. As a Libertarian who has consistently voted Republican I would like to thank you for giving me that final decision making push. I'll be voting for Obama on Nov. 4th.

Posted by Lois Sell on Oct 29th, 2008
I keep asking Fox news, other people who are suppose t o be in the know about policies ,a question, noone gives me an answer. Now am asking you. What are the Bush "failed policies"? Until very recently we had a better life style than ever. My husband, a truck driver, made more money than ever, with low taxes. Interest rates were low, our 401K was doing very, very well.Please send me an email. Keep hearing about those "failed policies" & dont know what they are Thank You

Posted by Joanne on Oct 29th, 2008
Thank You Mr Taylor, for the full page ad you took out in USA Today. I hope it is an eye opener for many people. Wow, what has this country come to. Do people just ignore all the facts. regarding the deregulation of the financial institutions under the Clinton adnimistration, and what the democrats in congress have done to our country. I am getting very scared of what will happen to our nation if Obama gets elected. My husband and I have always lived within our means, worked hard, saved money, paid off our home and sent our children to college with no help from the government. I came from a blue collor family, worked hard to get a college degree, the only one in my family. And now the Democrats want us to share our wealth! I'm afraid we will just be supporting more people who are too lazy to work, or get an education to better themselves, and think the american way is welfare, and government handouts. WAKE UP AMERICA!

Posted by tt on Nov 1st, 2008
This is the most interesting blog.I cant watch TV anymore because I came too close to shooting it once, so I relate to the world now through the internet.I dug the newspaper out of the dumpster and saved the ad, thank you Morry! The world is becoming very scary. Is this the beginning of the end? I'm not ready yet to meet my maker(I'm trying). Who is Obama? If he is not the father of all lies he's uncomfortably close. America is the greatest country in the world(still) most likely because our founding fathers were all devout Christians,we could freely pray wherever we wanted. No one running for public office would slander and ridicule the bible,though there was no law against it.What is happening now? Did I see Obama do that or not? And to top it all off, hasn't Islamic fundamentalism declared war on the US? That should be our main concern.I can't bow to Allah! I don't know know about any one else. I support John McCain and freedom! Thank you John! I saw you in Durango.Everybody was so somber waiting in line, while being harrased and ridiculed by Obama supporters, and you and your wife and the senator were so uplifting and positive.Everybody left so happy, it was fun! People say" God bless America" but really if we bless Him, He would again bless us! Peace

Posted by Sarah Triano on Nov 1st, 2008
Thank you ,belatedly I saw your full page add in USA Today on October 23,2008 while on vacation .I thank you for your perfect explanation as why not to vote for Barac Obomba. I have taken the liberty of copying your add and emailing it to all my friends at this eleventh hour. I hope it changes some minds before Tuesday!

Posted by sarah on Nov 1st, 2008
I hope that the SubPrime Wall Street Crash and subsequent GM decline have not hurt your company . I just discovered you from your USA Add . I hope you continue with your web site. You are great!

Posted by donald duck on Nov 2nd, 2008
I read the comment of NJP the longest one in this page. i don't whoever he is or where he live, but he is very intelligence and wise. i'm very impressed with his insight and he thinks like me in which i agree with everything he said right down to the penny. wow! is he a Christian, moslem, hinduism, buddhist, etc., We need wise, good people like him in congress or even working for you Mr. Morley. i said it as a compliment. someday i would like to meet with you NJP.

Posted by Ray Winslow on Nov 2nd, 2008
Loved your Ad! For our Southern part of the states it needs to be in Spanish. The rest of us are mostly with you.

Posted by Morry for President on Nov 3rd, 2008
WOW, can you believe what morons we have living in this country? I LOVED your add in USA Today, it is the total truth all simplified down. I just wish everyone could see it this way, and I truly feel sorry for all those people who said your add was a pile of crap. Morry for President!!!

Posted by Jack on Nov 3rd, 2008
Morry - surely your fantasy USA ad and blog are only a practical joke. Come on and admit it! It can't be that a successful guy like yourself could say such intensely stupid stuff and be serious. Even you must be cringing at some of the stuff your cult-like followers are saying. Sort of reminds me of Jim Jones. What does Titan have to say about this crazyness?

Posted by Henk on Nov 4th, 2008
As a European reader, I think you should be ashamed of yourself to publish this kind of nonsense. Open your eyes, do your own Reality Check. You must be blind to see what's happening or you are just in denial. We changed the USD from US Dollar into United States of Denial. That's how the rest of the world thinks about the prison US. Your infrastructure falls 50 years behind at Europe, your schollsystem doesn't work, your healthcare is only for the rich (the rest as worse of than in African contries), your country is bankrupt, you've started wars against fata morgana's all over the world robbing them from their oil, etc. It's time de US enters the 21st century, finally. Well thinking Americans abroad are ashamed to say they're Ameican these days. Let's hope that Obama will be able to make them feel proud again. Europe is willing to help you with the fundamental change in mindset necessary to restore your country. And then I'm sure we all can enjoy the good things from the US again.

Posted by DDB on Nov 4th, 2008
In 1989 I did not complain when Prs. Ronald Regan put me out of my job. He devised and set in to motion the intermedite range nucler missile treaty. The peace treaty that was signed was designed to be a starting point of mutual disarmement. Sence his death. the Russian government has been working in every conceivable way to stop any future progress to the treaty. It is not to hard to figure out why. It is obvious that during the war in Iraq that the country we helped out has and will always stab us in the back. While I was dismantaling nuclear missiles and distorying the capability for the US to wage war in this fashon the Russons were devising ways of profitering off of the good graces of our trust. There will be no treaty ever signed between any country ever in the future. The only treaty between any power will be nothing less than perpitulation. I must state as one who has held secreats to those who do not know or understand why governments must keep them. Before Nuclear energy will be used for good, it will be used to distroy all the good that we were blessed with. The peace that was aforded humanity by the knowlege of creation will be our undoing.. I do not fear an ignorant president, congress, senet, I fear an ignorent country. No mater who has been president in US history we have strived to overcome. Democrates, Wigs, Republicans, Independents, socialists, commumists, Fedreldist Republicans, Nationalists, we have servived as a nation. We as Americans will teach our children the morals, famlily structure, religous history and ethical beliefs that were givin to us and we will grow our families strong. We will protect our borders, protect our culture, and teach our language so that our children will respect and understand why our founding fathers fought for and why they bothered to get out of the couch and write the US constitution.

Posted by DDB on Nov 4th, 2008
It won't mater realy who wins this election. My family will always work as hard as ever. We will some how manage as always to pay our bills, than spend our time as a family in the mountains sking, hiking, mountain climbing, hunting, mountain biking, and maybe even panning for gold a bit more often

Posted by Donald Duck on Nov 6th, 2008
John clark: your comment is very insightful. your thinking is great! keep up and serve your country.

Posted by Donal Duck on Nov 6th, 2008
to Bob: i like your thought...i called that "discernment' between good and bad. you seem to have that gift....discernment. you can see through the real heart of other.

Posted by donald duck on Nov 6th, 2008
to Joanne: your comment touch my heart. you're a woman of wisdom.

Posted by donald duck on Nov 6th, 2008
to tt: if it have any thing to do with God, patriotism, Founding Fathers, constitution, freedom believe me i for it. i have the blood of the founding fathers flowing in my veil. i will stand to protect the Constitution for that is where my heart is. i'm a true american who love this country...thank tt for your inspiring remark. You need to be a Latter-day Saints like me. I'm a true disciple of Jesus Christ and this is a Christian country.

Posted by donald duck on Nov 6th, 2008
to Leanne: well said! you're right on the target.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Those pictures, Jeff, are leaders. And to your comment about knowing more than 95% of the world’s scientists—do you remember when Carter was President and the oil embargo? The top scientists in the world stated there would be no oil in the 1990s. Sorry, Jeff, but there are more known reserves today than in the 1970s. The next item—how much CO2 comes from forest fires and volacanoes? Did you forget what happened when Mount St. Helen blew? Sun spots are due more to climate warmth than anything man does. I know you think you’re important to the world. Keep reading this blog but state something. Anyone can say B.S. If you don’t like what I say, then explain what you think.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Jeannie Randolf: Thanks for your kind words but I only wanted to run one ad to say my piece.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
American Aubrey: Thanks, AA!

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Thank you, Judy Fischer and Glenda.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Tiffany: Thank you – and Sarah Palin is what is great about America.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Roger: You commented about what I said, and that I am misguided. You, however, offered nothing of your own. I’ve done a heck of a lot more than you. So tell us, Roger, what did I say was wrong?

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
HM Clements: OK, HM, you read the ad and it didn’t cost you a penny. Now you offer no logical argument, just ignorant bias. Maybe you should pass a little gas, it will take pressure off your brain and then you can offer your ideas for what should be done.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Gregory: I appreciate the reply. I didn’t want to talk about sunspots, but you are correct, Gregory. A majority of Americans don’t even know about sunspots, let alone how fast the Earth is traveling. I’m not a politician and I believe there is no difference between the parties. It’s all about power and money. Remember, what you think is common sense is not the same to someone else.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Margaret K and Bud Holland: Thank you.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Joe: I’m assuming you think you are intelligent. I blamed both parties, but you missed the point of who leads the parties. It’s all about seniority, not the best representatives of the American people. So I suggested we throw them all out, Democrats and Republicans, 435 Congressmen and women plus a third of the Senate. Then they would get the point.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Scott: Thank you, I do this every few years when I get fed up with all the political ads.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Low Down Dave: I agree Obama is just a politician my friend, but remember Congress, and when you have the current leadership in power, your little words might be truer than you think. It is always the elite who think they know what’s better for everyone. But come to ground level. You read USA Today.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Bob: Thanks. Remember who owns those news outlets: GE, Disney and TimeWarner.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Jeff: If you read the ad, you will note that I said to throw both Democrats and Republicans out—435 from Congress and a third of the Senate. It’s the only way you’ll ever get change. Those leaders run everything; look at AWP. At least I stood up. How many politicians have you confronted? I’ve done a lot, that’s why I have the nickname “Grizz.”

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Casey: Well at least I offered ideas, you just blow air. You probably complain about everything. Hopefully someday you will stop getting dumber, but maybe not.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Comer: The U.S. trade policy with China was signed by President Clinton. So was NAFTA. Both parties are for big government, big business and big labor. As I stated, you will only get change when you clean out Congress and the Senate.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Terry Gibbs: You made me laugh, but it’s not McCain or Obama, it’s Congress and the Senate. Vote every incumbent out, period.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Leanne: We will always have idiots; we just need to work a little harder on them.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Richard: Sorry Richard, it started with Jimmy Carter, and has been growing unchecked for a long time. The administration’s party doesn’t matter. The people in control of Congress and the Senate do.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Alex: I’m glad I made you laugh, but you should study some engineering before you think of the Earth’s crust as an insulator. Were you old enough to see Mount St. Helen blow its top? It changed the weather around the world for 18 months. I hope you don’t eat too much or drink too much beer, because the amount of gas that comes out of you would be real dangerous. Nuclear power is the best for electricity, but we need to remove the regulations. You know, X-Rays and MRIs use nuclear isotopes. You end your post asking for elected official to use real solutions. What are they, Alex?

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Bob R. and Andrea: Thank you.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Garcia: Thanks, but remember Al Gore has made over $100 million selling global warming. It’s the American way; there are suckers born everyday and Gore found them in environmentalists.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Dan Kessinger: Thanks, Dan, but I ran for President once. That was enough.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Thanks, David from Marietta.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
NRB: Titan produces wheels and tires for the farm and mining industries. The farm business is our largest, and you must eat. All of our factories were being hurt because of foreign competitors two years ago. Titan sued the Chinese and importers over unfairly dumping tires. After spending $5 million we won 5-1 in the International Trade Commission. The first thing you should know is the system is fixed, unless you can pay a lot of attorney fees. Yes, politicians are mostly lawyers, so are most lobbyists. You get the point, my friend. If you really want to help solve the problems, close all public law schools for 10 years. We don’t need anymore lawyers and we can’t export them.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
PBL and John from S.C.: Thanks.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Mike: Right on, but Congress is a real problem.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Kris and Jim in Louisville: Thank you.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Jason Moore: The sunspots also have a lot to do with it, but think about the speed of the Earth and what’s happening under the ground on which you stand. When Mount St. Helen blew it changed the whole world’s weather pattern for 18 months. Ask your professor why the Smokey Mountains were named as such by the Indians. While I’m thinking about Indians, what about the Great Plains fires in the early 1800s? Jason you should also research what would happen if a six-foot meteor would hit Earth (which will happen). Good luck in your studies, but don’t always trust professors.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Roger: Read my answers above. Global warming is a lot like religion. Someone is making money in it—Al Gore.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Eric M. Appleman: You can download the ad using the link at the end of my original post.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Dan Mc: I don’t care who you vote for, but I agree we should throw out all 435 Congressmen and women, plus a third of the Senate.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Tom: Thanks.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Lois Sell: The only failure I would suggest is the administration’s failure to reign in the swaps and derivatives that are really behind the financial mess. I should also mention the administration hasn’t relieved the banks of mark-to-market rules. This means if a bank has a group of mortgages and 90% are paying the monthly payment, but the bank is looking to sell this group, and no one is buying mortgages, the bank must take a paper loss for the whole group. This is also part of the financial mess.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Joanne: Thanks.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
TT: America is great because its people hang tough.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Sarah Triano: Go girl, go. Stay involved.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Sarah: Thank you

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Donald Duck: Grizz is fine. I’m married to a wonderful Catholic Irish lady from Chicago.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Ray Winslow: Thanks.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Jack: Sorry, Jack. I do this generally once a year. You’re free to buy an ad for your comments as well. But people who just complain and don’t offer any ideas don’t count, my friend.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
Henk: I have 3,000 employees working in England, Italy, France, Germany and Turkey. The cold hard facts are that U.S. workers out-produce everyone. The problem is that our government has many stupid regulations, because fools think Europe knows best. You just watched what happens when the U.S. has a problem—the rest of the world ends up with a real big problem. Henk, you’re a reader, not a doer. You probably live off of someone else’s work.

Posted by Morry on Nov 18th, 2008
DDB: Thanks for the note, but we’re only here a short time so lets not get too serious about life. I agree… work hard and enjoy.

Posted by A.E. on Dec 13th, 2008
Your ad was utterly ridiculous. It was, without any doubt, the most biased, skewed ad I have EVER seen in my life. If you were to put this on a middle school standardized test and asked what was wrong, the vast majority would pick up on the desperate logic stretches and extremely biased point-of-view. Who are you to call a handful of Democrats the villains and a bunch of new Congresspeople the saviors? I am not understanding this. You want to completely overhaul the Congress with new blood. This makes sense. Yet, you vehemently oppose a similar President? Reading your opinions, it seems like you would vouch for Obama, rather than McCain, who is one of those Congresspeople who has been around forever, not trying particularly hard to fix anything. Do I like Obama? No, he hasn't done anything particularly useful either. But McCain? Walk the walk, Taylor. There is nothing left to be said about your monstrous scientific oversights. My entire political science class laughed at your assertations that humans have anything to do with the poles shifting, but humans don't have anything to do with climate change. You're a big businessman, Taylor, so I don't expect you to be for positive environmental change. I can only hope that you'll change your opinion when you're dying of some disease whose cure was made from a cold-loving plant that went extinct due to global warming. Yes, global warming is a fact. Why are so many coral reefs dying? It's just getting too hot for them! Why are the glaciers melting? I could ask a thousand more questions like this, but they all have the same answer. There's a good reason that no one's drilling for oil in Alaska. It's because the oil is located in a NATIONAL PARK. Yes, there is some outside of it, but a lot of it is in the park itself. Why don't we just spend the money on drilling equipment to build truly clean energy: solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal? I dare you to respond to me. I would love to debate with you on this. I would love for you to realize how screwed up your opinions are.

Posted by Rachel on Dec 17th, 2008
WOW I came on your site to sell you software and found this one of the best sites I have ever been on.. I love your frank and up front words..I like how you have said ref to The pres of the usa not to be the only one at fault. I have found that so many companies are using the excuse of the economy to just turn tail and run and not even try to pay there bills. I hate the fact that so many people think that the economy and government should step in and "help them out". THEY DID IT THEMSELVES.. know I am not saying that that ALL company that are having a hard time is there own fault but the ones that always say " Hey it cuz of the economy" I cant do nothing. Drives me crazy. Ya it hard but if anyboby had this way of thinking man it would be a REAL hard time.. So anyway thanks for the blog. Dont worry I would try to sell software.Just like reading what has been written...

Posted by Morry on Jan 12th, 2009
AE: (In answer to your Dec. 13 comment regarding my advertisement) You, my friend, are the one who is totally ridiculous. You mention that your entire political science class had a good laugh. I'm also laughing, because who would waste time going to a political science class? Do you believe "political science" really has something to do with science? I put my name on what I say and do, because I don't hide from anything. You go by AE, mystery man. You sound like so many others today; big on talk with no action, someone who has created nothing for mankind but hot air. Have a great year in 2009. I will.

Posted by kurt on Mar 8th, 2009
HA HA HA Morry you had me laugh . however you have hit the nail on the head with everything you have mentioned. good to see you haven,t changed through the years . I used to work at a plant that you was over a number of years ago. Knowing how well you can run a plant, I would love to see you in the white house . take care morry

Posted by john (american great-grandson, grandson, son, brother, uncle, p on Nov 10th, 2009
"Let us all remember our forefathers and mothers who built this country with hard work, fairness, and in many cases, their lives. We should not diminish the sacrifices they made by allowing the self interest of politicians and special interest groups to continue to corrupt our political system. It is time to stop talking and procrastinating. It's time to fix the problem. It's time to become a nation of doers, improve this democracy, and keep building America." Morry Taylor morry, thanks for these awesome words! to be sure, you are a doer. statement: you are a man with power, status, and influence to go with your great ideas. you are only one person. questions: is it possible to inform and educate "the people" and bring "real change" to america? how do we "do it"? i know the answer to the first question. pertaining to the second question, i'd like to hear the "how to" so "we the people" can take our counrty back.

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